Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Third Anniversary

Yesterday was Justin and my third wedding anniversary. It's crazy to think we've been married for three years! They have been the best years of my life.

The day started out normal enough, we were both exhausted from a night of wrangling a certain little man who was too hungry to sleep (more on that in another post). I was packing Justin's lunch when he told me to take something out of the top pocket: a beautifully wrapped package. It contained a house bead for my pandora bracelet. (Que the "awes".) It was the perfect gift since we just bought our first home!
My little house Pandora bead.

After that the day was pretty boring and normal until Justin came home. I made his favorite Southwest Panini's for dinner and then we all headed out the door for Wednesday night church. Since we were going to church, I figured that Jo could just sleep in the nursery. They would just hold and rock him for an hour and a half... Sounded perfect to me... I even packed his swaddle wrap and paci. But no luck. Little man got a 5 minute nap on the way to church and he thought he was good to go. So no nap for Jonah Bear.

On the way home from church Justin stopped at a grocery store and bought me a dozen red roses. (Que more "awes".) It was super sweet.
A dozen red roses. <3

Then we stopped at Sonic for celebratory milkshakes (I love Sonic). We went home, fed the Jonah Bear and put him to bed. He went down like a good little boy with no crying... just sleeping. Then about an hour into the night he woke up screaming bloody murder. I asked Justin to get him because I was worn out from the night before and a busy day. My sweet hubby did, but Jo didn't stop screaming... actually, an hour and half later, and after we tried EVERYTHING to make this little boy happy (which usually isn't too hard), we were ready to take him to the hospital. He was obviously in pain, and we had no idea how to make him feel better. Just as I was about to hit the button to call the doctor, Jo started to whimper instead of hysterical screaming. So we did our best to make him comfortable and he fell asleep... on Daddy, who was sitting in the basement in the rocker-recliner. So my hubby's final anniversary gift to me was sleep. I have the BEST husband in the whole world.

P.S. Jonah is doing better now. We think he just had an upset tummy from being too full, gassy, and was unable to deal with it because he missed a crucial nap.

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