Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Are Homeowners!

Well, it happened! We just closed on our first house! Now I feel free to go blog crazy about it and give you all the details!

Once Jonah was born we quickly realized that our little townhouse we were renting was not big enough for our family. So we decided to start looking at houses. We looked online for a little while, but soon we found a realtor. We looked for a few weeks with him, and ended up falling in love with this special house. With a little help from family we could buy it! After quite a bit of prayer and trusting in God we placed an offer, a counter offer, a counter-counter offer, etc. Until we got the house! Soon after we got the house Justin and I felt like God was telling us to give a large sum of money to our church... We decided to be obedient even though we we knew we wouldn't have enough money to buy the house... Well, my God is a faithful God and He helped us buy the house anyway! After a few repairs were made, an appraisal was done; but the appraisal came back lower than the price we agreed upon. Sadly, it was so low, that we didn't think the homeowners would be willing to sell it to us. However, they did! It was such a blessing! Because of the price being lowered so much, we were able to buy the house without help from family! We know this is because we chose to trust in God. God is so good!

To finish up our little praise report, here are a few pictures of our house! Please excuse the boxes and lack of furniture... We are moving in. ;) I will post more pictures when we are settled.

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