Friday, June 8, 2012

Half of a Year

My baby boy is 6 months old! Honestly, it feels a lot longer, but in a good way. I love my Jonah Bear!

Jonah now weighs 15 pounds. We aren't sure how tall he is right now, but he's able to bounce in the Jumperoo without a box under him! He is in the 10% percentile for weight. Better than the 5% he used to be!

Still using the cloth diapers and loving them, but we went to Michigan for Memorial Day and we had to buy size 2 disposables for the trip. Size two! My little man is growing!

As for sleeping through the night, he only wakes up once now... about 3 or 3:30 in the morning. Takes about 6 ounces of formula, and then goes back to sleep until 6 or 6:30... I pop the pacifier back in his mouth, mama grabs a few more minutes of sleep. Usually 7am is our wake up time. I would love, I mean LOVE, for him to sleep though the night, but I'm just thankful he only wakes up once.

Jonah's milestones this past month are adding all sorts of noises to his "vocabulary," sitting up for long periods of time (Until he reaches for a toy too far away and falls head first... don't worry, I catch him.), and getting so very close to army crawling. He also is eating stage two solid foods now... and eating a lot. His favorite foods are bananas, mangoes, and apples.... but don't even think about giving him peas... he smells them on the spoon, and refuses to open up. The couple times I managed to sneak the peas in with rice or bananas, he just spits it all back out. Smart little booger.
After eating some sweet potatoes.

Speaking of food... about two days after Jonah Bear turned 5 months, we made the decision to start supplementing breast milk with formula. He was just plain hungry all the time, and no matter how long I fed him, it just wasn't working. It was a hard decision, but the right one for us. I have always had problems making enough milk, and even though the doctor said Jonah was fine, I knew in my heart something wasn't right. I even visited lactation specialists, and nothing was helping. So we started giving him formula after I nursed him, and my oh my, what a happy baby! He still prefers me over the bottle, but he has no problem going back and forth from the bottle to me. (Oh, and he TOTALLY prefers solid food to me, but I'm glad.) So now, my baby is finally getting chubby cheeks! YAY!
Playing with Pooh Bear. This is the first time that he realized there was a toy next to him!

Trying to get to mama, and realized he could rock in the chair!

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