Thursday, June 21, 2012


Have any of you tweeters seen the #shereadstruth hash tag? Well, I did about a month ago and looked into it. It turned out to be a group of women who started reading the Bible daily and tweeting about what God was doing with it. They were using the Soul Detox plan from the youversion Bible app. I thought that was great, and I am always looking for a good devotional to read. So I joined in the group. A couple days after I joined, they launched a website called It's a great site that helps organize, inspire, and lead the shereadstruth community.

 Anyway, I'm sharing this with you all because the shereadstruth community is starting a new plan on youversion today. It will last 21 days. I was hoping you would join us. The devo only takes a couple minutes, but it is life changing. Plus, who can turn down spending more time our Savior, and then talking about it with other women!

 This community of women has helped me to ENJOY reading God's word again, and it has challenged me in wonderful ways. I hope you will join too, and see how it changes your life as well.

 To learn more about #shereadstruth, check out their site here.

 P.S. You don't have to be on twitter, or have the youversion app; the community, and the devo can be accessed from a webpage.

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