Monday, July 9, 2012

7 Months

Jonah Bear is 7 months old!
Jonah is is the 25% percentile for his weight. My little chunker is about 17 pounds! He acutally gained one whole pound on the cruise... I guess adults aren't the only ones who gain weight on cruises!

Cloth diapers are still lovely! There will be a post coming soon about cloth diapering with a solid food eater.

JONAH SLEEPS THOUGH THE NIGHT!!! Ah! It is such a blessing! Now Jonah and I made a deal that once he started sleeping through the night it was OK for me to freeze time... anyone know how to do that?
Playing with Pooh Bear during his "photo shoot." It's tough to get him to  look at the camera with such a fun toy next to him!
About two days after he turned 6 months, we made the difficult decision to stop breastfeed entirely. The little breast milk he was eating with formula was making his whole tummy upset and he would spit up most of his feeding. So now my little man drinks 6 ounces of formula three times a day, and right afterward he eats about 4 ounces of baby food. Then right before bedtime (8pm) he gets one more bottle of about 6 ounces.

Jonah's milestones this past month are saying "mama," "baby," "and "poo poo." It's driving Justin nuts that he hasn't said "dada" yet. Jonah also sleeps un-swaddled and is SOOO close to crawling. The big boy LOVES playing in water, so bath time is a special favorite.

Jonah Bear during bath time!

Jonah Bear at one month, 3 months, and 7 months!

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