Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Headboard

This weekend Justin and I made a headboard for our bedroom. We have a lovely one that my grandpa made us when we got married, but it wasn't very comfortable to lean up against and read... So we put the grandpa made one in the guestroom and we made ourselves a padded headboard. I think it turned out pretty well!

I follow a blog called Young House Love, and a few weeks ago they made a padded headboard as well, so I used what they did as a guide. Here is what we did... in pictures.
First we put the kiddo in the empty laundry basket in the bathroom... (he can't crawl yet, he just likes playing in it...)
Then Justin went out and bought  7/16  plywood that we cut  to fit our queen bed. Then Justin put duck tape around the edges so the foam wouldn't get caught on the wood. He also drilled holes in the base to secure it to the bed frame.
Next we stapled the foam around the headboard and stapled it to the back. We had to make sure that the foam was very tight.
Next we did the same thing with the fabric. Making sure it was stretched tight, and then stapling it to the plywood.
Last Justin measured out where we wanted the headboard tuffed, and put a staple in the front to "tuft" it. While he was doing that, I covered buttons in left over fabric and then hot glued them over the tuft staples.
Ta Da! Our finished headboard. Now we just need to hang pictures and we are all set!

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