Monday, July 16, 2012

Silly Weekend Fun

Our weekend was full of laughter... My Jonah Bear was super giggly, and the hubby said something I found hilarious.

First the hubby. So after Jonah is down for the night Justin and I usually play board or card game. Last weekend it happened to be one of Justin's favorite games: Monopoly. He was winning, and I was pouting... (we are both very competitive); anyway, I made the comment that my "Monopoly life was sucking" and that we should play the board game Life next. Now Justin HATES that game, and we had some funny banter back and forth about real life and the board game Life. I ended up in tears and out of breath laughing at my husband after he finished the discussion with something along the lines of, "The game Life is nothing like real life, I don't spend my time driving around in a tiny blue car..." Y'all, he drives a '96 BLUE FORD TAURUS to work everyday. I just about died. So funny.... or maybe you had to be there.... oh well.

Now the Jonah Bear. I just had to share some of this cuteness with y'all (& the grandmas...)

Hope this adds a few smiles... or laughs to your day!

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  1. lol, i HATE monopoly!!! I always get so frustrated that the first seven rolls or so totally determine whether you have a shot at winning the game. so if your first rolls are bad, you have no hope and no choice but to keep playing. the game of life is WAY better!