Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Atlanta Zoo

Today was Justin's last day off from his Shift-work. (He's doing it all through September...) The crazy schedule has been tough on our family, but these past couple days have been nice.

Today we visited the Zoo in Atlanta, GA. It was fun! Jonah had a blast even though he was more interested in the fan on his stroller and the little girls walking by than in the animals. (Oh, by the way, my little boy is quite the ladies man! They love him!)

The day started off a little rough because I realized I forgot to pack his baby food! Now if you know my little guy, that is a SERIOUS blunder! He loves food! Luckily, I did remember Cheerios, and the zoo had applesauce.

After a quick lunch, we started touring the zoo. We started our with the pandas because they were close to where we had lunch.
A panda taking a nap at my feet (and no I didn't eat too much at lunch, I'm just pregnant! LOL.)
There were tons of animals to look at and we had a great time. A couple of my personal favorites were this cute little orangutan, and this rhino and giraffe having a staring contest.
Cutie pie reminded me of my little monkey!

I'm not sure who won, we left before they stopped staring.
Justin and Jonah had a little bonding time outside the stroller towards the end because Jo had been such a good little guy.
My men!
Now if you ever need any tips on tailgating, I'm sure Jonah would love to help. Before we left the zoo Jonah sat in the back of the car eating a few Cheerios and sipping water before we drove home.

It was a wonderful day off, I'm kinda bummed it had to end.

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