Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Birthday and Jo's First Disney Trip!

This past week has been crazy. Wednesday was my 24th birthday, and while that day was kinda weird and boring, we actually celebrated my day of birth at Walt Disney World last weekend! It was also my sweet little Jonah Bear's first time! Such wonderful memories were created.

We started the trip off by stopping at Ormond Beach in Flordia... as usual. However, that tradition may have just ended... It's turns out that my little water baby who LOVES bath time passionately, hates the beach. Both Justin and I tried to get him to touch the water, or sit in the sand, and he just screamed bloody murder like we were trying to kill him! This NEVER happens! My little man is usually happy with everything and goes with the flow. Well, not this time. According to Jonah: Beach = Evil (and it tastes bad...)

Jo kept picking up his feet trying to stay out of the sand.

Yep, he ate a fist full of sand. Oye. Don't worry, mama made sure he washed it down with lots and lots of watered down apple juice.

We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort thanks to a friend of mine who works at Disney World. It's a beautiful resort. We spent two nights there, and only spent one day at the parks... which was spent at Magic Kingdom. And the first thing I made sure happened when we got into the park was that Jonah got his first pair of Mickey Ears! They even have his name embroidered on the back.
He looks so big here!
 Then we had to take the classic photo. It was such a blessing to have my mum there too! Jonah loved having his nana there.
 Oh my, the cutest thing ever was Jo meeting Mickey Mouse. He LOVED LOVED LOVED Mickey Mouse! He was so excited to meet him, and couldn't stop staring at him! Jo would kiss his nose, and pat his head, and just couldn't get enough of him! It melted my heart.

Grandma was nice enough to take a family photo of us. I think it turned out pretty good! :D

Nana and Jonah

 It was a long day, but we did break it up with a nap in between. It was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. Jo's favorite things from the day: It's a small world, and Mickey Mouse. His least favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean because he fell asleep and the cannons startled him awake.
What a wonderful way to celebrate.

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