Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten Months

Ten months old. It's hard to believe that in 2 short months my little man will be a YEAR OLD! How crazy is that?
Not the best photo, but he's so wiggly it's the only photo that had both him and Pooh Bear sitting upright!

Jonah weighs 21 pounds which is 40% for his age, and he is 28 inches in length which is 60% for his age! Little dude ain't so little anymore! His doctor think's he's gonna shoot up in height even more... doesn't surprise me at all: my brother is 6'4''.

Jonah will eat anything you put in front of him, and some other stuff he figures he wants to try. Seriously, the boy doesn't even say no to peas anymore. When we went to Disney this past weekend he tried a little bit of EVERYTHING we had... including Pop-Tarts, chicken, fries, and a popsicle. 

Something new is that he weaned himself off the bottle. One day he just refused to take a bottle with a nipple on it. I sat with him for nearly 20 minutes and he just wouldn't drink, so I finally just put a sippy cup lid on it, and he downed the formula in 5 minutes flat. So I packed up the bottles and bought an extra sippy cup.

No change in his sleeping patterns... still a solid 11 hours straight at night. However, one thing we started doing at night is putting him in a disposable diaper that is specifically for night time, and is one size too big... The boy is a heavy wetter. No matter what I did with cloth diapers (hemp liners, double liners, etc) he would wake up soaked. Now with the special night-time diaper and it being a size bigger than he needs (a size 4) he only wakes up wet about once a week. That cuts down on my laundry a lot.

Silly boy still won't crawl. He'll get himself up on his hands and knees, but won't move. He will however, push himself backwards on his tummy and get stuck under things like chairs, couches, and entertainment centers. I've gotten a few funny pictures of him stuck. He also will pull himself half way up to standing, realize what he's doing and promptly sit back down.

He also learned how to say "yum," "nana," "yeah," and "hi."

Thought I'd add these photos so you could see how... um... "productive" our photo shoot was.

Rocking his chair as usual.

Trying to climb out of the chair.

Loving on Pooh Bear.

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  1. Whoa! Jonah weighs two pounds more than Corrie! Well done, big boy!