Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

It seems like every time I have a weekend that is worth blogging about I start out by writing that is was a very busy weekend. Well, this past weekend is no exception, but I need to work on becoming more eloquent.

Thursday night our house guests arrived for a wedding of mutual friends that was taking place this weekend.
Our guests were the Wilson family! Jonah loves playing with Isaac!

Justin had Friday off thanks to his temporary 4/10 schedule (he works 10 hours Monday through Thursday and then gets Friday off.), so he ended up prepping our deck to be stained this next weekend. He spent about 2 hours scrubbing our dirty nasty deck. What a wonderful and hardworking hubby I have!

Saturday we had that wedding to go to and I was in charge of the getting people to sign the guest book and the cake. Until Saturday I had never cut and served a wedding cake. Well, I will be adding that to my resume shortly. I didn't do too bad considering it was melting a bit in the sun. Justin was on Jonah duty the whole time and I was so proud of my men! They made me look good. Jonah was a good boy, and Justin was amazing. The wedding was simple and beautiful. I pray the bride and groom have a very blessed marriage. Later that evening our friends who were in the wedding and staying with us came back home and we talked late into the night.
My son, the bully. Oye, really, Jonah wasn't trying to poke Isaac's eye out, he's just curious.

I promise that my son isn't beating his friend into submission, Isaac rolled over and Jonah thought, hey, a leg!
See! They really were playing together and having fun!

Sunday was church, which was wonderful as usual. Though worship was extra long, which mean that the service was extra long, which in turn, meant there was one hungry, grumpy pregnant woman that my poor hubby had to deal with. Y'all, I am so very blessed. Justin is so patient and understanding. After we got home we spent the afternoon and evening with our friends. However, we didn't stay up too late. Justin had to work today, and I wasn't feeling all that great.

This morning I woke up with a cold. Blah. Justin also forgot his coffee and his cell phone broke. On the plus side we get to spend a little more time with our sweet friends before they have go back home this evening.

Again, long busy weekend, but so blessed.

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