Thursday, October 18, 2012

"You're Pregnant, AGAIN?"

Last night at church that was the comment from one of young adults from youth group. "You're pregnant, again?" I thought it was hilarious, because a few months ago that was my thought exactly. As time has gone by I've gotten a little more excited about this new little person that God has chosen to bless us with... terrified, but excited.

What I am most excited about right now is that in 26 days we get to find out the gender of Itty Bitty! The hubby is convinced it's a girl (he thought Jonah Bear was a girl too); me, I'm not so sure. But I am curious to know what y'all think! So to the right side of my blog you'll find a little poll. Please take a second to vote and let us know what you think we are having!


  1. You're more likely to have a boy based on your husband's siblings and your first child. Plus I always vote boy.

  2. Yeah, most people on the hubby's side have two boys and a girl... It's like tradition or something. Honestly I don't care either wa if its a girl, great, I get to buy tutus! If its a boy, Jo has a best friend for life! They will only be 15 mo apart!

  3. I am just getting caught up!

    Congratulations on this new little blessing!