Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Month from ONE YEAR OLD

Yep, my baby boy is 11 months old. It's kinda blowing my mind. 

Jonah still weighs 21 pounds which is 40% for his age, and he is 28 inches in length which is 60% for his age! This explains why he needs special onesies...

Jonah will try anything you feed him, but he's getting a little more picky. He's a texture eater like his mama, so when Justin gave him a couple pieces of canned fruit, he popped them into his mouth, and gagged. He couldn't handle the slimy texture.

No change in his sleeping patterns... still a solid 11 hours straight at night. Happy Mama. If he wakes up a tad early (usually from Daddy leaving for work early...) he will just sit in his crib and sing waiting patiently for mama. So sweet.

Oh man, CRAWLING MACHINE! He is getting into everything! He pulls himself up constantly, and is even standing for a few seconds by himself. He knows what "No No" means, but he has chosen to ignore me a couple times. "What mama? Did you say something?" On the plus side, when he wants to cuddle, he grabs his teddy and his pacifer, and will crawl onto my lap. I love it!

Jonah hasn't really added any new words to his vocab recently, but he has started using basic sentences, and he talks in gibberish to his teddy all-the-time. His favorite thing right now is to wave to Justin and say "Hi Daddy!" If he catches me talking on the phone, he will say "Bye Bye" until I hang up, or let him talk.
Kissing Pooh Bear...

Laughing at  Daddy.

Lovin' on Pooh Bear. Look at how long he is!

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