Sunday, November 25, 2012


I have been considering changing the name of my blog since just before Jonah was born. I mean once I became a mama, I wasn't just a housewife anymore.... I am a housewife, a mama, a youth leader, and who knows what else God has for me? Now that my second little guy is arriving in a few short months, and God is pressing on my heart some big ideas... I felt now was the time for change.

So, "The Modern Housewife" is making the transition to "i me megan."

Why "i me megan?" Well, when I was a very little girl (like two years old) my mum says that whenever I walked into a room of people I would yell "I me Megan, I here!" as if to let everyone know the party had arrived. So y'all...

I me Megan! I here!

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