Friday, November 30, 2012

Coffee Date Friday: High School Memory

Well, folks, I'm trying something new today so please be patient with me.

I've decided to try Rags to Stitches Coffee Date Friday link up. It's a vlog, and I've never done one before, so I'm kinda nervous. (It's okay to laugh at me... I'm giggling though the whole video because I'm so nervous!) We were asked to talk about a high school memory.

So without futher ado, my first vlog:

To view other's vlog dates, click on the picture to view Rags to Stitches link-up. You won't be sorry!

Thanks for joining me for coffee!


  1. Megan, you did great for a first vlog. I'd have never guessed. You know what I love about yours? It's short and sweet AND I really like seeing that you look like your profile photo. Some bloggers put fancy shots into their profile that don't look like them on any given day. Yours is definitely "you" and it makes it seem warm and friendly. Have a great weekend. Loved your story. My husband and I would have loved to have met in HS.

  2. How cute are you?!! I loved this vlog. So... how long before you started being more than "just friends?"

    1. Haha... Well, we spent a week talking. We realized we were doing a lot more talking then 'just friends' would allow... So we didn't talk for a week, and spent the time talking to God. That was a long week. We decided to date for the summer, and then do some more praying before he left for college to see what would happen.... Four years later we got married.

  3. Found your blog through the link up on blair's blog! You did so well for being your first vlog! I am so glad to have come across your blog...I love meeting other "megans"! Newest follower!

    Happy friday, girl!

  4. Hey, Stopping by from Alissa's linkup. This is such a cute H.S. memory, and you did a REALLY good job for your first vlog. I have linked up a few times but have yet to do a vlog, I am way too nervous. One day I will get the courage. Have a great weekend.