Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jonah's First Birthday...Party.

While we were in Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving this past weekend the family decided to celebrate Jonah's first birthday a little early. I was relieved since the next time we will all be together is Christmas. I'm sure Jonah has no idea that his first birthday is coming up, or that cake and parties are normal for a birthday; but his mama knows and I really wanted to go all out for his first birthday! So when my mom-in-law suggested we do it early, I was over the moon happy.

I made Jo a little smash cake (Justin calls it a face cake, which may be more appropriate.) in the shape of a giant basketball cupcake. The boy loves his toy basketball, and I figured he'd at least touch it 'cause it looked like his favorite toy. And the grandparents got decorations, cake, pizza, presents, and balloons! It was quite a celebration for only a week of planning.

When Jo woke from his morning nap we all ate pizza for lunch (yes, even the birthday boy). Then Jonah Bear got to try cake for the first time. It was pretty funny. He wasn't too sure at first, but then he really got into it... As in picking up the plate and shoving his face into it.
Are you sure mom?

Hey! This is pretty good stuff!

Even my hand tastes good now!

Messy Boy.

My Happy Birthday Boy
Once the mess started to get out of control (and Jo was looking a little bored), we cleaned him up, and the grandparents and great-grandparents brought out the presents. Lets just say this is a very spoiled and loved little boy.
Unwrapping gifts

Playing with his new toys!
Once Jo was happily playing with all his new toys, the adults ate their cake. You know, the un-smashed one. Then we all packed up and went to Dollywood. I was super excited about this because Jo was finally big enough to ride a few rides! Daddy had to ride them too which just made it all the more fun for me... Watching my little man, and my tall man climb into these little ducks and bees was hilarious!

We all walked around Dollywood for a while and had a good time looking at the lights. Justin even got to ride the new roller coaster.

It was a very special first birthday celebration for my Jonah Bear.

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