Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Apologies

Again I have been MIA on my blog... Figured I could explain, and I'm sure y'all will understand.

My Jonah Bear has never been a super cuddly guy. He's a "go-go-go" type personality. If he wanted to cuddle I took him to the doctor... honestly. If he wanted to cuddle it meant he didn't feel well.

Well, since I've been pregnant Jonah Bear has turned into a cuddle bear... not sure why. Maybe he knows I'll need to be cuddling Levi soon, or maybe he has just had a change of heart, but either way. If my boy crawls onto my lap with his pacifier and teddy bear intent on cuddling with mama for a few minutes, then mama is going to cuddle.

Unfortunately this means that nap time (which used to be mama time... aka blog time) has turned into chore time. All the little things that I used to do while Jo played are now being done trying to be done during his nap.

Now don't get me wrong, this is not an apology. I will never apologize for cuddling my babies. This is more of a 'heads up',' I'm still alive' kinda post.

So if I go MIA again, you'll know I'm doing some serious cuddling.

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