Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas at the Biddle House

Just wanted to pop in and show off some of our pretty Christmas decor! It's not too fancy this year since we just bought the house, and well, we have a one year old crawling around creating mayhem.

When you walk into our house this is the first thing you see. Our garland and tree!
Once you get to the top of the stairs, you get a view of this crazy 9 foot tree! I think it's my husband's favorite decoration... unless it's what's under it...

His Toy Story Lego Train that he rigged up to actually follow a track around the tree! Yes, we have an awful time keeping Jonah away!

I think this Santa is super sweet. He's adoring baby Jesus.

Speaking of baby Jesus, our mantel! I'm so excited to actually have one this year! This turned out to be the perfect spot for our nativity because there is no way Jo can touch it! I painted the background, and Justin poked Christmas lights for stars though it. We also have our Bose playing Christmas music hiding behind it! 
I love this nativity. 
My wreath I whipped up real quick.
Hope you enjoyed the rather quick tour of our Christmas decor!


  1. man.. I love that nativity! Where did you find that toy story train. I'm obsessed with TOY STORY .. I sure hope my boy is one day too!

  2. My hubby bought the train at the Lego store in downtown Disney a few years ago. My mom last year bought the motor and track for him for Christmas last year. It's kinda epic...

  3. Hi Megan! Cute holiday decor! Found you through the Sharing Christmas Link Up Party at Migonis Home! Newest follower! :)

    - April Hoff

  4. I really like how the garland leads to the tree, and of course the nativity. Merry Christmas.