Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Lights Drive

Justin and I both grew up taking annual Christmas lights drives with our families. So when we were married, that was a no-brainer tradition we were going to keep up. We have done it every year... including this year!

It was fun taking Jonah with us this year because he LOVES Christmas lights. Something about the flashing pretty lights keeps his attention. Ha ha. But really, even when he was first born the best way to calm him down was to stand by the Christmas tree and sway so he could watch the lights until he fell asleep.

This year mama tried to make the drive special. Justin got an eggnog milkshake from McDonalds (the man is crazy for that nasty stuff), I got a Starbucks hot chocolate, and Jonah Bear got water and special animal crackers (his first time trying them).
Our special Christmas-y drinks.
Then we drove to this crazy house in town. They have their own radio station frequency during Christmas and they DECK OUT their house. Then set it to music, and every night have a continuous show. Yep, one of those houses. Here is a quick Youtube video of the same house just a couple years ago (couldn't find one for this year...)
Then we drove to a rather um...nice neighborhood in town to see their Christmas lights. They were beautiful. One of my favorites was when you drove over a hill, and there at the end of the court this amazing house looms into view. They had it all decked out like a gingerbread house! It was incredible! I actually tried to snap a picture with my phone as we drove by...
Sorry for the blurriness... iphone+moving car=not great pic
After that I just told Justin we should go home. Jo was getting a little tired of being in the car, and there was no way to top that house!

It was a wonderful night. I can't wait to do it again next year!

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