Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Little Man is ONE!

On December 8th, Jonah, my sweet baby, turned one year old! Whew! Time has flown!

We started off his special day with a gift from mama and daddy. A fisher-price zoo!
His first sight of the zoo.
 He loved his gift, and plays with it constantly; but nothing compares to wrestling with daddy!

After his morning nap, we went to a frozen yogurt place in town to celebrate since we already did the whole cake thing after Thanksgiving.
YUM! I don't think he could be opening his mouth any wider!
He got banana and pineapple flavored.
Plus a few sprinkles since it was his special day!
We didn't do too much for his actual birthday, but I don't think Jonah minded. He had fun anyway!
Happy Birthday Jonah Bear!

{p.s. Nothing stats wise has changed since 11 months. Other than adding a few more words.}


  1. I do too! If I had the choice between ice cream and fro yo, I would chose fro you hands down!