Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Very Merry Christmas Recap

I already gave y'all a quick sneak peek at a bit of our Christmas, but I figured I'd finished that up (again quickly), so we can move on to 2013 and a new year! Woot!

We went to Michigan to visit our families again this year. We are so blessed that we only have to visit one town to see all three of our families! I guess that's one of the perks of being high school sweethearts.

So from December 22 until the 30th we were back in our hometown.

Before we left for Michigan, we had our our little Christmas morning so Jonah could get his presents from us.
Playing with his favorite gift from us:
RC from Toy Story with a little people Woody figurine!

December 23rd all of Justin's family went to the annual Zehnders Chicken Dinner. As usual it was good! Here is the 'we ate too much picture' in front of the Zehnders fireplace.
Hastily taken family photo.

December 24th we spent the afternoon with my Dad, and then went to the Christmas Eve service at the church we grew up in.

December 25th we started the day out at my Mom's house and had fun opening presents over there. Then we dropped Jonah Bear off at my Dad's house, and went to see Les Mis with Justin's family. After that we spent the evening with Justin's parents and opened even more gifts!
Flying with Uncle Adam

Silly boy would not move a muscle in his step-grandpa's chair! He was so comfy!

Opening presents at Nana's house Christmas morning.

Riding his new rocking Bullseye from Grandma and Grandpa Biddle!
Now he can be just like Woody!
December 26th we had yet another Christmas celebration with my Mom's side of the family.
My Papa made Jonah rocking horse!
He's a bit big for it now, but it's just so incredible!

Here we are opening another toy my Papa made for Jo: A wooden train set!
The 27th we saw a few friends from high school. It's strange to be planning get togethers around our children's naptimes! I guess we are growing up! Also got to spend some nice time with Justin's paternal grandparents, and visited a couple Amish stores.

The 28th we met up with my Dad's side of the family.
This year Jonah was able to get his picture taken with  ALL of his great-grandparents! How neat is that!
The 29th we spent packing and having Jonah's one year photos taken. I can't wait to share those with y'all.

The 30th the longest car trip home... ever. It was crazy. But we finally made it home!

Hope you all had a spectacular Christmas just like we did!

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