Monday, December 3, 2012

The Monotony, The Routine...The Excitement?

Do you ever get those days (or weeks) when you are just tired of the monotony, the routine, the days you feel like you are living through over and over again? As a stay-at-home mom I visit that place, sometimes camp out there. It is so easy for me to become un-grateful for the everyday. I sometimes go to bed totally UN-excited for (sometimes dreading) the next day. Dealing with Jonah, making dinner, listening to Justin talk about work...etc. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Last week I was bummed about having just come home from Thanksgiving and leaving all the fun we had had. Focusing on how I wasn't on vacation now. I was reading my #shereadstruth Thanksgiving Bible plan, and it was like a fog was lifted. I should be so so so very thankful for the blessed life that I live! Not everyone has a hubby with a good job! Good enough that I get to stay home with my precious little boy that I prayed to God I could have! I have a food in my house that I get to buy and prepare for my family. The house! God provided a house for us to buy! The more I thought about all the blessings my God has given me, the more ashamed I was that I was feeling ungrateful and tired of my life right now. But there was something more...

The more I thought about my blessings, and thanked God for them, the more excited I got about my current everyday. This is where God has me right now, and it's amazing. Yes, it's a bit repetitive, but it's all good, and my God gave it all to me! I should be going through my repetitive days being grateful, and doing all the things for Him!

I'm sure someday soon my days won't be so similar, they won't be so laid back. Someday soon I will have two little boys... maybe, someday, even three kids. My days will be even more full, busy, and probably anything but repetitive.

I am grateful for where God has me now.
I am excited for where God has me now.


  1. I so needed to hear your beautiful words today! What truth you have put here =) Thankful you were bold enough to share this friend!
    Much Love,

  2. Oh what a wonderful lesson, Megan. I'm kind of in the opposite place: With work + the other work + life = I am way too busy. And I hate being overwhelmed this time of year. I want to enjoy Christmas season. The time of year when we celebrate the incarnation of Christ. And yet I'm too busy.

    I will take time to reflect on the great love of Christ this season. :)