Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun Things with Little Man

I recently read a blog post about a mom who wanted to say "yes" to her children more. "Yes," to random outings, "yes," to silly toys, "yes," to special events, etc.

I never really thought about it until I read the post, but I'm totally a "no" mom, even though Jo can't ask me questions yet. We have a schedule, and I'm kinda stuck to it. Then it dawned on me. I can make a weekly attempt to be a "yes" mom. My goal is to do one or two things a week that are just for Jonah. Nothing to do with our schedule, something just plain silly that I know he will enjoy. It may be a little extra work for me, but I want those special memories with him.
Our first "yes" outing was a trip to the McDonald's play place. He doesn't really eat Micky D's yet (except for the occasional fry or nugget bit), but he loves to pound, scream, and spin random toys. So mama bought a hot fudge sundae (yay for the dollar menu!) so she didn't feel guilty about using the play place, and then set the Jonah Bear free. He LOVED it! We were the only ones there (I may have planned it that way... didn't want him to be squished by older kiddos), and he had full reign of the place.
Jonah spinning toys, and mama's sundae

We played there for about 20 or 30 minutes, then nap time started to draw near, so I figured it was time to head home. Plus, he was super sleepy. So we grabbed a little hand sanitizer and came home. The boy slept HARD for that nap.

Next on the list: An adventure with crayons...


  1. i've read somewhere too about becoming more of a yes mom. my kids are old enough to voice their thoughts and they have told me i'm always saying no. which i know it's not completely true, but if they feel that way i must be saying no quite a lot. i have found that when i say yes to something i normally wouldn't, they are so appreciative!
    your little one looks like he enjoyed it and a good nap is always great after fun play!

  2. I love that idea and I love that philosophy! Definitely one to embrace! :) The doctor told me today to make sure that my strong "no" voice was reserved for the really important stuff: like running in the street, or heading toward danger, etc. and I typically don't love doctors' advice but I thought that was actually pretty good.