Monday, January 14, 2013

Organizing with Tubs

Both my hubby and I love to be organized  Now granted, we both have our areas where we are not so organized (for me it's the junk drawer, for him it's his bedside table), but overall we love having everything in it's place, labeled, and looking good.

For our family, that means tubs. You know, those plastic bins you can buy at Target or Lowes? Well, we love 'em. So much so that when we saw a few of these little beauties on sale at Target for $1.02 each, we just couldn't say no.

This leads me to our recent organizing project... It's kind of random, but we had little odds and ends all over our house. There were batteries in the junk drawer, one of my hubby's dresser drawers, and a few downstairs as well. Then there were the million places we were storing light bulbs, sprinkles for cookies, and Jonah's small toys lying around the floor getting stepped on.

So I whipped out my handy label maker, and my new Cricut and got to labeling a few of those lovely Target tubs. Here's what we did with them:

Jonah's toy tub would be upstairs in the main living room so I wanted it to look a little prettier than my plan old label maker could do. Thus the Cricut comes into play. I grabbed some vinyl and make a couple cute labels for his smaller toys.
In the process of labeling.
The finished product. It's nice to not step on toys all the time!
 Here is what the other tubs look like:
In a bookshelf downstairs.
In the storage room downstairs.
Really, a rather simple and cheap way to organize a few things around the house.

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