Monday, January 21, 2013

T-Shirt Baby Bibs

My son HATES bibs. He pretty much despises them, however, he also loves spaghetti just like his daddy.
Spaghetti baby in a bib he hates.
So I went on a mission to find a bib he wouldn't hate. Turns out it's pretty much just the plastic he hates (after buying quite a few different types of bibs I find this out... oye), so I whipped out a lovely T-shirt material bib that his Great-Aunt Kim bought for him in Alaska. Turns out he didn't even care it was on.

Christmas comes and my mum buys me this awesome book:
Seriously, so awesome.
Anyway, I flipped through it and knew I was going to be doing some sewing before Levi arrived.

Obviously with Jonah's bib issues the first project I needed to tackle was the "all-by-myself bib." Now keep in mind that the last time I sewed was BEFORE Jonah was born. So it's kinda been a little while...
The completed bib... It's rough, I know.
 I actually used one of Justin's old Disney T-shirts for this bib! I think it turned out pretty cute.
Me trying to sew the binding on... evil binding.
The best part? I think the Jonah Bear approves!
Please note the cute two top teeth... They make me melt.
Next project from the awesome book? A baby sleep-sack for Levi!

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