Friday, January 11, 2013

Trusting in Him...

I am writing this post to declare something important.

I am TRUSTING in the LORD! 

And actually, it's for a few specific things:

1. I am trusting Him that I WILL NOT deal with postpartum depression like I did with Jonah. This pregnancy will be different because my God is awesome.

2. I am trusting in Him that I WILL NOT have any issues breastfeeding Levi. I believe that the Lord will fix all the issues that I had last time (basically making skim milk, and it making my baby sick).

3. Last, I am trusting Him that Levi will not have any problems with reflux/choking. Poor Jonah couldn't be laid down for a week.

I serve a BIG God, and I know He can do BIG things.

Will you please, please, please join me in prayer and in trust on these issues?

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