Wednesday, January 23, 2013

YES! mama: Crayons

So Jonah may be a little young for crayons, but this mama just couldn't wait. I want pretty art on my walls! I loved coloring and drawing when I was little, so I figure Jonah Bear will too! {I'm hoping...}
So one afternoon we ran to Hobby Lobby really quick, and I used my mobile phone coupon (40% off) to grab a pack of non-toxic triangle Crayola crayons. (non-toxic is key here...)

When we got home I proceeded to tape a piece of paper to the floor (he likes to crumple paper), and laid out the crayons. His first reaction was to eat the crayon, and then throw it, but once I started "coloring" he kinda figured it out. He'd still rather play with the crayons, but he knows mama says "yay!" and claps when he puts the crayon to paper and tries to scribble. Then he promptly drops the crayon and claps with me...
Trying to figure out what these things are!

Trying to find out how many he can hold in one hand.
He's doing this with everything right now!

Actually coloring on the paper! Yay!
Look at that concentration! Wrinkled forehead like Daddy and everything!

It was fun, and it entertained him for a few minutes, but I think we will wait a few more months before we try to color again...


  1. super idea on taping the paper down! those pictures are so fun. love seeing when babies learn new things.

  2. I love the idea of being a "yes" mama. I find myself already being the lame one about where we have to go, and what we have to do....Good reminder to say Yes to things more!