Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Smile on my Face

A blogger friend (can I call her a friend if we've never met or really talked?), asked the question the other day, "What brings a smile to your face?"

Well, right now...

Staring at Jonah's one year photos... Seriously so cute.
Photographers FB page
The fact that I'm starting to look forward to Levi arriving. I'm feeling a little more prepared (the nursery is almost done, and we bought diapers...). I know I will never be completely prepared, but I'm not wary of his arrival now...

How sweet my hubby is. Seriously, he's like super-dad. Last weekend, actually the past two weekends, I have seen him carting Jonah around in one arm, and vacuuming or dusting with the other! I married Super-Dad... be jealous.

I'm kinda in a sewing kick and loving it. I've made a bib for Jonah, a sleeper sack for Levi, a maxi skirt for me, and a I have a few other goodies up my sleeve!

Following the example of Moriah from Moriah Makes and planned out what we are eating for the ENTIRE month of February  I had/have eight of the meals prepared, frozen, and ready to be thrown in the crock-pot. Organization and money savings make me happy.

I designed my first blog! A sweet friend agreed to write a guest post for me, and I volunteered to do a little HTML coding on her blog (I am by NO means an expert, but I know a tiny bit... enough to do this: But seriously, check this gals blog out, it's great.). It was fun, and I may be interested in helping anyone else to needs a little help in that department! Just make sure you email me soon! Once Levi is here I can guarantee it will be a while before HTML code will be fun... or that I'll have time for it!

Hmmm... this post was fun. (I hope I'm not alone in thinking this!) It may have to become a "thing" for me.

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