Friday, February 8, 2013

My Latest Pinterest Obsession

If we were having coffee today, I would probably be telling you about my latest Pinterest obsessions...

Yes, I am one of those obsessed Pinterest people, but I tend to go though phases. Last month it was all about women's fashion and hair. (I blame the tiny twig, and her awesome e-book, but I probably took it a little too far...) Happily, I am not one of those pinners who pins all the things and then let them sit. I do at least one pin in real life each week. It's not really planned, but it happens. I get so excited I just have to do it myself. 

This month, it's all about DIY. Do it yourself meals, do it yourself clothing, do it yourself laundry detergent. Yes, I actually have a load of laundry in my washing machine right now that is using soap I made. I hope it turns out well! The cost savings would be AWESOME!

I also made four freezer to crock-pot meals to try out this month. Last night we had Crock-pot Chicken Teriyaki, and it wasn't too bad! As for clothing... I made myself a maxi skirt which is super cute and I'm totally proud of it (pictures later...), and my hubby promised to take me to the fabric store tomorrow so I can get more fabric for more DIY goodies! 

One DIY I haven't tried yet is redoing thrifted clothing. I'm all about fixed thrifted furniture, but I haven't tried clothes yet. You can be sure that before my second little arrives, there will be a few new-to-me clothing items in my closet.

And just for kicks and giggles, here are the pins I talked about. 

To see all my pinned goodies, check out my Pinterest profile. Also linking up with Coffee Date here!

What things are you obsessed with right now? Any good pins I need to know about?


  1. Lol--Megan, something about your pinterest style board says "princess" to me. I dunno, maybe it's all the a-line skirts. I thought you might get a kick out of that!
    Also, I am a thrift store genius (right now my entire outfit, head to toe, came from a thrift store...except the undies. Gross.) Anyway, maybe I should blog some thrift store tips for you!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Please please do blog some tips!!

  2. We tried the chicken teriyaki recently too! Love freezer meals, although sometimes I don't care for the texture of the meat after cooking that long. Hit or miss.