Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We've Got A Walker!

I have learned with Jonah that he likes to do things in his own time. Don't rush him, it won't help. The first time I learned this was with crawling. I was a worried, silly mama because my little man didn't start crawling until about 10 or 11 months. Most of my friend's babies were already walking! Well, my sweet hubby pointed out that their babies weren't whistling, and mine was... so it wasn't a developmental issue, just a lazy baby...

So when my Jonah Bear wasn't walking at a year old, I decided not to freak out. He would walk when he decided it was more fun than crawling... and that day came on Sunday. He's been playing around with steps here and there for a while now, but he didn't actually "walk" (as in more than 6 six steps in a row without falling down) until last Sunday. I think he just saw all the big boys in nursery walking and decided it looked fun. So now the kiddo is toddling around corners and startling his poor mama.

He still crawls once in while, like when Daddy is chasing him, or when Mama is trying to show Nana his new trick... but more than 50% of the time he's a walkin'!

He also has decided it's fun to carry things in his mouth, and to "woof." Thus the blurry walking photo...