Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Currently in the Biddle Household...

We are scrambling trying to get the last few things done before Levi arrives. He's due in 25 days! And those days tend to fly when you are also chasing a newly toddling one year old! He's getting into so much more stuff these days... For example about a half hour ago he smashed, and I mean SMASHED his tiny little thumb in a toy chest my Papa made. He carried around a frozen teething toy in that hand until nap time.
Yours truly, 36 Weeks along with Boy #2.

I am sewing/crafting like a crazy person! I guess it's because I didn't have to get a nursery ready (We are just moving going to put Levi in Jonah's old nursery...), but my nesting this time around has turned into me trying to be creative. I've sewed skirts, tops, scarves, P.J. pants, baby clothing... I've made homemade laundry detergent, wall stickers, cards, etc. I'm even helping out a friend with a wedding project that involves painting!
The wall sticker I made for Levi's room, and a few of the scarves I've made recently.

The hubby isn't sleeping well. I think it has something to do with a newborn coming, a lot going on at work, and trying to share a queen sized bed with a giant pregnant lady... Poor guy. Between stress and sharing a bed with a whale, he doesn't have much of a chance.

I'm not sleeping well. I think it has something to do with being 8 months pregnant.... but ya never know. *wink* On the plus side, my doctor said I can take Tylenol PM if I need to. So if I know I'm going to have a crazy busy day the next day, I hit the sack at 8 pm and take some PM happiness. (The hubby is not a fan of this, but he sleeps really well when I do, so he doesn't complain too much.)

Jonah is about ready to transition to one nap a day. And mama ain't happy about it. I was hoping he could hold out until Levi was here for a little bit... Honestly, mama was hoping for more sleep. But it looks like this weekend we might be trying to make the transition.... Maybe.

Speaking of Jonah, My big boy is BIG! The Bear is only 14 months old (15 on Friday), but he is in 24 month onesies, and 18 month pants. Now he is actually quite skinny, but man, is he TALL! The clothes almost look silly on him because he needs the length, but not the width. I guess I should blame it on all the sleep and food he gets. The kid can (and usually does) eat a WHOLE (minus the crust, 'cause I'm a nice mama like that) PBJ sandwich, fruit/veggie pouch, and a couple crackers. Seriously, he's only ONE!

Tonight, our sweet church family is throwing us a baby shower. I know it's not common for people to have a baby shower for the second baby, let alone a baby that is the same gender and so close in age to the first child; but my lovely friends decided that they wanted to show us some love. I so appreciate it. It does make me feel loved, and remembered, and cared for. It's so nice when our family is so far away.

I guess that's all the updating for now... Hopefully I can pry myself away from the sewing machine again soon. I'll have to let y'all know that, yes, I am indeed still pregnant. And that yes, our family is still alive and thriving.


  1. I'm kinda jealous of your sewing... I need to make myself do that!! I'm nervous..

    You look so great!!

    I have a feeling Harrison will be like Jonah... growing TALL boy.

    1. There is nothing to be nervous about when sewing! If you mess up, (which I do frequently) just use a seam ripper!