Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Currently I am thinking about how there are less than two weeks until my induction date... which means even less than that until my due date, and who knows, maybe I'll get lucky, and Levi will show up early!

Currently this is a little sickness bug going around our house. Prayers that  it goes away before Levi gets here would be very much appreciated.

Currently I am thinking about how Jonah must know things are going to be changing very soon because he has become a little booger! Seriously, parenting just got hard! We went to the doctors office yesterday and he spent the majority of the visit hitting, pinching, (and my favorite) spitting at me! It's like he knew there was no place for me to put him in time-out. On a much cuter note, he frequently walks into Levi's room and starts babbling about the "bay-bee."

Currently I am trying to convince myself that now is not the time to start anymore sewing projects... Evidently my nesting is still going strong...

Currently I am going over my "Before Levi" To Do List, and realizing that almost all of the things are done. Except wipe out the refrigerator... how much you want to bet that just doesn't happen?

Currently I am re-reading THIS post by Naptime Diaries... I am SO feeling this right now, but I wouldn't say I'm a nice quiet buffalo, I think I might be more of a bear. Quiet and hiding in my cave until you mess with me, and then Oooh man, you better watch out.

And Last, I am currently really looking forward to an Influence Network class that I get to attend (from the comfort of my bedroom) tomorrow night! The Tiny Twig is teaching about "Tips and Tools for Moms of Littles."

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