Monday, March 18, 2013

Jonah's Fun Weekend

This past weekend we made most of it all about Jonah. Especially since he will be a big brother in about two weeks (or less, if I'm lucky.) So please just deal with the cute picture overload as I write a post for posterity and the grandmas...

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen this ... My boy reading me a very interesting story.

Happy boy on the porch!

Daddy was trying to get Jonah over his fear of grass.
(And yes, Jonah is no longer afraid of grass... just dirt! HA!)

Saturday we had a KFC picnic at the park. My men were VERY happy.
(P.S. That was Daddy's biscuit  but it's Jonah's favorite part of the meal, so he grabbed Justin's and chowed down. It's the first time we didn't rip it apart for him. He was SO happy!)
It's very serious business to climb up the stairs.

"No, Daddy, THIS way!"

Could have cared less about the slide.
I think Jonah really enjoyed himself... Highlight? Probably the biscuit! HA!

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