Monday, April 15, 2013


A few months ago I was contacted by a company that wanted me to try out their product (for free), and then write a blog post about it. I was like, um, SURE! That company was EShakti. The name sounds kinda strange, but the company is actually awesome. They are an online company that makes ADORABLE women's clothing that you can have custom made to your body!

Now this was perfect for me since I just had a baby, and well, lets just say that my body isn't any specific size or shape right now... and probably won't be for a while. Enter problem: There is a wedding in the family coming up very soon, and the hubby is the Best Man. Thus, the Best Man's wife wants to look nice. (Sorry yoga pants, you just don't look nice next to a tux...) So I ordered a lovely dress that is breastfeeding friendly and that would help make me feel good about how I looked. I even was able to put in my specific measurements so it would fix me perfectly. The whole process was very easy, and my dress arrived in less than a week! Talk about great service! The dress was very well made.

I had a WONDERFUL experience with this company, and I would totally recommend them to anyone. Actually, I plan on ordering from them again soon!

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