Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finger Painting

I chose to be an adventurous mama before Levi arrived and decided that Jonah and I were going to finger paint for the first time... In my mind this is adventurous because we have white walls, my son was15 months old, and I was 39 weeks preggo... you do the math.

I made this finger paint from Pinterest in case Jonah wanted to paint his mouth taste it. Little tip: when it says "warm" on the instructions, it means wait until it boils and then take it off the heat right away... it took me a couple tries to make this stuff...

Once the paint was ready, I put down contractors paper, and then taped the painting paper down too... (Little man enjoys running away... and mama didn't want paint over everything.) Then I stripped Jonah down to his diaper and let him go!

Turns out, Jonah is NOT a fan of finger painting... in fact, I think it grossed him out. Give the boy a bowl of spaghetti and he digs right in, and then rubs the marinara sauce in like it's lotion, but give him finger paint? No thanks Ma!
The final "masterpieces."

Over all it was fun, and I'm glad we did it. It just might be a long time before we finger paint again... Coloring is much easier.

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