Thursday, May 30, 2013

Levi's First Two Months

Hello Y'all! Long time no see (err... post?). As it turns out, finding time to blog is very difficult when you have two baby boys who suck up all your attention, time, and energy!
Levi - Couple days old
Levi is now two months old, and I just had to write about how he's doing!

Levi - One Month Old
So as you can tell, the stuffy that grandma chose for Levi's growth pictures was Sully from Monsters Inc. (For those that don't know, Jonah's was a classic Pooh Bear.)
Levi - Two Months

Levi is growing so much faster than his big brother. He was born at 7 pounds, and 5 ounces. Two months old, and he already weighs over 10 and half pounds. Like his brother, he just keeps getting longer and longer...He has no problem filling out his 3 month onesies.

As for diapers, he is in cloth diapers now! But if we travel he's in size 1 disposables.
Levi is eating every 2.5 hours during the day. Nursing is going SO MUCH better than with Jonah. I am so thankful. He is also eating every 4.5 to 5 hours during the night. I'm looking forward to when he sleeps though the night. I hope it's sooner than when his brother started.

His big milestones these past months are holding his head up by himself, rolling over from tummy to back, pulling out and putting back his pacifier, sucking his thumb, and smiling (First real smile was on mothers day!)! On the day of this two month birthday, I got his first giggle too!  His favorite toy is his little gym.


  1. oh my goodness he is a cutie! I see you are doing cloth with him.. YAY! I'm really hoping nursing is easier with #2 too!

  2. He is so cute, Megan! Kiddos grow up way too quickly :)