Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkins & "Fall Fest" Costumes

Carving Pumpkins
Helping Daddy gut the pumpkin... "Ucka..."

Clearly this is very serious work.

The finished project.

The Dragon and the Duck

(A big thank you to Nana Wendy who got these cute costumes.)
Jonah just keeps saying "roar" and "duck, duck, duck..."

Levi is 7 months

Levi weighs 18 lbs the last I checked (it's been a bit since I checked....). My sweet little chubby cheeked boy.

Still going strong in cloth diapers. If we travel he's in size 3 disposables. Levi is eating 6 ounces of formula every 5 hours during the day. And solid food with every meal. We recently introduced strawberries, brussel sprouts, and squash.  He has slept though the night occasionally, so the 3 am feeding is just occasionally now. He has a dream feed around 10 at night. He is doing so well with waking during the night, and putting himself back to sleep. Occasionally I wake up with him and just listen to him talk to himself until he falls back asleep.

If I put him in the sitting position, he does really well at sitting up by himself. He's also getting soooo close to crawling! Little man says "Mama, Daddy, Dad, and None." Two days ago he also said "Hi Babe!" It was super cute.  His favorite toy is still his big brother, and he gets super cranky went Jonah is not around to entertain him. He rolls everywhere, and even scoots forward a couple inches if a toy is just out of his reach. Tonight he had his first bath without his bathtub... which meant he could play with toys! He loved it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walt Disney World 2013

Yes, I'm spoiled. My hubby has taken me (again) to Walt Disney World. It was so much fun to introduce Levi to all things Disney, and to see Jonah meet Mickey Mouse again, and meet his first princesses (I think he has a crush on Rapunzel.).

It was a pretty simple trip. One day in the parks, one day just around the resort, and one more day at the parks. It was really nice to have that day in between to relax. We will definitely be doing it that way again.

The first day we went to Magic Kingdom in the morning, and Epcot for dinner/after nap-time. However, it was the Food and Wine Festival, and it was crowded! Now y'all know that I have been to Disney during the Food and Wine festival many times, but this time the drunk people seemed to come out of the wood-work. So we left Epcot relatively early to go back to Magic Kingdom until bedtime. We ended up staying until the fireworks started, which was not the plan, but Jonah loved seeing the "Ma-MOOM" (a.k.a. the fireworks). They were the first he's seen.
Jonah having fun with a balloon in the resort room.
Levi meeting Mickey for the first time.

Jonah ran up to Mickey and gave him a big hug and kiss as soon as we put him down on the floor. So sweet.

Family picture with Mickey Mouse.

Jonah and his new crush... Rapunzel.

Wish I knew what they talked about... ;)

Had this silhouette done of both boys our first day there. 

Day two we went to the Caribbean Beach Resorts splash pad. Jonah had a ball! Levi and Justin stayed on the sidelines taking pictures. Then we went to Downtown Disney, came back for naps, and went to Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner.
Jonah and the pirate ship slash pad.

The last day we started out at Animal Kingdom, but quickly left (not much friendly stuff for a 1.5 year old and 6 month old to do...) and made it over to Magic Kingdom. Travel from one park directly to another park was horrible... it took almost two hours! That afternoon (after naps) we went back to Magic Kingdom and had a wonderful time. It was a great ending to our trip.
Levi tuckered out...

First Mickey Ears ice cream... that he stole from Daddy.

Watching Mickey's show in front of the Castle.

We can't wait to go back!