Monday, March 24, 2014

The Shortest Catch-up Post Ever!

I recently took a much needed.... LONG break from blogging. I needed to focus just on my family; my men. And I did, it was lovely.

I wasn't sure I was going to come back. It was beautiful to just live life, instead of constantly chronicling it all. But my baby, my youngest, is turning one in a few short days, and my momma heart is a bit sore from that realization. Time goes by too quickly, and I want to remember the sweet little moments.

So to come back from a long blogging break, I've decided to not catch y'all up on everything little detail that happened in our lives... just the boys, and a few major events. And to begin journaling the new sweet moments that are sure to come.


  • Crawling like he was born doing it.
  • Trying to stand on his own without support from anything...
  • Has two sweet little teeth on the bottom.
  • Is in size 3 diaper, adn 12 month clothing.
  • 25% for height and weight, he's my little guy in more than one way.
  • Will eat everything and anything. Including the bean burrito bite Jonah took out of his own mouth and put in Levi's... Oye.
  • Can imitate any noise PERFECTLY, including the sound a rubber duck makes when you squeeze the water out.
  • Is a mama's boy.


  • Loves to dance, sing, and lip-sync (which is hilarious by the way)
  • Is in a size 6 diaper, and 3T/4T clothing.
  • 95% for height and weight, he's my big tall boy.
  • Has turned into a picky eater, the booger.
  • Is a daddy's boy.


  • Went to Michigan for Christmas, had a blast with family.
  • Bought a new mini-van (Yes, I'm that mom now... and kinda enjoying it.).
  • I got to meet the Duggar family.
  • We are planning another Disney trip!

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