Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hello There.

Potty Training.
Family Visits.
Myrtle Beach Thanksgiving.
A Christmas at home.

You know, just life.

That's how we roll y'all. Life has been busy, and it's been wonderful. And as it turns out, life with two little monsters... ahem... boys means little to no blogging. I was fine with that until recently; when I was trying to update the boys baby books, and realized that I had to go back to my blog to even remember what stuff happened when. Then to add salt to the wound, I realized I haven't blogged in months, meaning almost a year went undocumented. Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely year, but it makes me kinda bummed that I can't really remember much. So back to blogging it is. I'm well aware that only the grandparents read this little corner of the internet, but... I love to have it to look back on.

It's my corner after all...

RAN my first 5k with my dear friend Emily. This might need to be another post because it was life changing.

Family photo during our Myrtle Beach Thanksgiving vacation.

Jonah Bear turned THREE YEARS OLD! Seriously, wasn't I just in labor with that kid?