Thursday, February 19, 2015

We Are Moving.

Yep, you read the title correctly. My men and I are moving. And not just a little move across town, but a big move... to Louisiana.

The hubby's company is transferring him to a different plant, and while this seems sudden (because it is) we've known in our hearts that this was coming. We had no clue, where, when, etc. But God had been preparing our hearts for this for a little over a year.

Honestly, it's scary to be moving over eight hours from the only home your babies have known; and 18 hours away from those babies grandparents... It's scary knowing you are moving in less than 6 weeks, and have no clue where you will stay. It's scary (and sad, so sad) to be leaving wonderful friends, and our amazing church family. But we are trusting in God, and following His leading. The easy and comfortable thing isn't always the right thing.

So April 1st, we will be saying goodbye to Chattanooga, Tennessee and saying hello to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Or as the boys call it "honey-bana."

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  1. You will be missed dear friends. But it will be temporary in light of eternity.