Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Personally, I think my boys are hilarious. But recently Jonah has been taking it to another level, and Levi is just a sweet crazy little thing with some great ideas.

Jonah's Quotables:

Jonah just informed me that when he grows up like a tree, he's going to be a dr and fix people's hearts, noses, and tongues. And when he is done fixing people, he's going to drive a baby car that is blue. (1.7.15)

Me: "I have goofy boys."
Jonah: "No mama, Levi Donald Duck, Jonah Goofy."

Me: "Oh! Thank you boys for obeying mommy! That thanks me so happy!"
Jonah: (big sigh) "It was a tough time." (3.10.15)

Just asked Jo what kind of blue he wanted in his new bedroom... He said Macaroni blue... I clarified and found out he meant the shade of blue that is on the Kraft Mac and cheese box! (3.11.15)

Levi's Wonderful Idea:

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