Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our New Home

God is so good! These past few days the hubby and I were in Baton Rouge looking for a house. We found one! We made an offer, and it was accepted! So assuming nothing strange happens (you know with appraisals and inspections etc.) we should close on March 31. This is so fast, but so good! Now we can all move down as a family instead being separated for a few weeks.

We dropped off the boys with Nana and Papa (who spoiled them) in Gatlinburg, and then flew into New Orleans Sunday night. We ended up driving to the French Quarter for some late night beignets at Cafe du Monde. So yummy.

Then we drove to Baton Rouge. The next morning we met with the Realtor and spent all day looking at houses. TWELVE to be exact. One I fell in love with online because it had so much space, but the commute was long. The other, the realtor found the night before driving around but wasn't sure she wanted to show us because it wasn't really done. She had never seen it before. After a comparison list, and talking with our parents we decided on the house we put an offer on. It all came together so amazingly that our Realtor kept saying, "This is such a fluke! This never happens!" We told her we believed that it was no fluke, just an awesome God.

So, ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, our new house!

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