Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Carving 2015

First off, let it be known that Jonah was heart-broken we were going to cut up his beloved pumpkin until we explained to him that the pumpkin is like a carrot... it can't feel. So cute. So silly.

Second, pumpkin guts can apparently ONLY be touched by grown-ups because little boys "don't like to get dirty, we might get germs..." Riiiiiiiight. Germs. From pumpkin guts. I was tempted to go all old school and be like, "well, at least your pumpkin guts are warm, when I was your age, my pumpkin guts were freezing cold..." but I didn't. Yet. I'll save that one for another year.

Third, the photo dump.
Watching Justin cut open the beloved pumpkin...
Surprise! There are seeds inside.
You want us to touch WHAT?
Helping Daddy scoop out seeds with spoons, because they might get germs...
The final product. 
Levi's is a "happy pumpkin," and Jo's is a "scary pumpkin."

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