Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Sarah and Ryan came to visit us this past weekend. It. Was. WONDERFUL. I love my sister-in-law; she is one of my best friends, and it was so nice to spend some time with her and her hubby. The boys adore Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ryan. There is something very special about people who love your children like they were their own.

They came in late Friday night, and left this morning. We spent a morning in New Orleans, spent a morning at the Oak Alley Plantation, played cards, had a couple water balloon fights, ate a LOT of Chick-Fil-A, and had some wonderful conversations. Sad to see them go, but we will get to see them again in August.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Half a Year with Benjamin

Benny Bunny (aka Chubby Bunny) has been blessing our family for 6 months now!

Benjamin weighs 19 lbs and 4.5 ounces. He is in 9 month clothing... though it's tight. Most of his pajamas we have to leave the last few snaps open... 'cause his thighs are too big to snap! He is 27 inches tall. His head is actually off the growth chart... hahaha. He needs a big head for those big Biddle brains. 

He's in still in size 3 diapers, with a Huggies nite time diaper at night. Benny is eating 6 ounces of formula every 4 hours, and has a love affair with solid food. He has even started to play with little bits of bread. His favorite food so far is peaches with a close second of apples. He tolerates peas, and carrots. But don't you dare try to make him choke down squash... Typically he wakes once at night to get a bottle. Big Ben no longer wants to be swaddled. He's sleeping in his own room now.

He has mastered rolling over, and is close to sitting up. If he cries during playtime, its usually because he has rolled onto the hardwood floors, and still can't reach the toys he's tossed.

He will reward anyone who talks to him with a big grin. He loves his lovey, bunny, and his play keys. He desperately wants to play with big brothers.

Poor baby is teething now, and it's kicking his tush.

Love my Chubby Bunny.

Benny has gotten so BIG!
All of my man-cubs at age 6 months.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jonah Got Glasses!

When we were in Gatlinburg I noticed that Jonah was holding his books and kindle really close to his face, he was complaining of headaches a lot, and then we were playing a letter game, and he couldn't tell the difference between a lower case "c" and a lower case "e." So I made an eye appointment.

Honestly, I was really just doing it to check off a list. I didn't think he actually had an eyesight problem. Boy was I in for a surprise! After a lengthy hour and half appointment, the doctor informed me that not only did Jo need glasses, he needed special lenses because normal lenses would be too thick for glasses!

I feel kinda bad that it took so long for us to figure out that he had an eyesight issue!

The boy can see now, and loves his new glasses. It's fun to see him actually see well for the first time. He is taking time to study all of his toys and books like they are new. So blessed by this boy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


We just got back from a lovely week in Gatlinburg. It was SO good to be back in Tennessee, but it was hard to leave it again as well. Driving by our old church, house, and favorite places was rough. I may or may not have been praying and crying during that part of the drive. I love Tennessee, and would move back there in a heart-beat; but there is no denying the blessings that have been poured out on us for obeying God in moving to Baton Rouge.

Justin's parents were at their cabin the same time we were, so it was really nice to have the grandparents as back-up. It was also nice to be spoiled by them too...

We did all sorts of fun things last week. An exotic petting zoo, the boys first hike (that they actually hiked), shopping, the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, and we even went to Dollywood for a day.

Levi feeding the goats.
These deer were so sweet! Hungry, but sweet.
Check off a box on the bucket list: petted a zebra!
My tendered-hearted cub has decided he wants to be a farmer who helps baby animals...
So Laurel isn't exactly a real hike, but when your middle cub's inseam is 12 inches, you call it a hike...
Love this family photo.
The ducks at Dollywood.
Jonah was a tad excited to ride a really big "grown-up" roller coaster. This kid is fearless.
Levi is in the blue shirt, Justin is smiling at the camera. Jo is on the other side of Levi, not pictured.
My sweet man-cubs.
The view from the Smoky Mountain Wheel.
Our first family of five photobooth picture. 
I love my wild boys.
"Flying" with Nana and Cocoa Papa
Dinner at Paula Deen's. Um... YUM!
The view from Nana's Cabin the our last night.

Until next time Tennessee...