Tuesday, August 30, 2016

9 Months with Benjamin

Benjamin is 9 months. He's 22 pounds and 1 ounce (86%). My tall boy is 2 feet and 6.5 inches (98%). And he's got a big noggin for his Biddle brains... 18 inches (72%). Basically, Benny is Big.

He's in size 5 diapers, with a Huggies nite time diaper at night. Benny is still eating 5 ounces of formula every 4 hours, and has solid food 3 times a day. He loves cherrios, puffs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, and smoothies. He can feed himself. His favorite baby food is pears. He gags when you feed him peas. Been working on sippy cup, but he's really not interested. 

Still waking a few times a night, but he's a good boy and will go right back to sleep after a bottle. And to be honest, he's such a sweetie, I don't mind (too much) because he's such a sweet snuggle buddy.
Justin getting sweet snuggles on Benny's first airplane ride. Clearly this baby is a champ.

He rolls all over the place, sits up if you sit him up, and will scoot backwards all over. Yesterday he crawled for the first time. It was so slow, and almost painful to watch because of how slow and small his movements were, but he got where he wanted to go!
Aunt Sarah gave Benjamin his first haircut.

Benny's favorite toys are balls, anything noisey, his maileg puppy, a wobble fox and stuffed animals.

He loves it when people talk to him. He sings in a really high-pitched voice (we have Jo to thank for that one.) He imitates EVERYTHING... including Daddy power washing the patio and race cars. He can say mama, dada, hi, bye, nana, bobs, le-la (Levi), love, uh-oh, yay, and a few more words. He's first sentence was "I love dada."

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