Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Recent Projects

I have the best hubby. No, really. THE BEST.

Recently he has been going overboard helping me (or just flat out building for me) with a few projects I've had on my mind.

Project No. 1: Blanket Ladder

I saw a similar ladder at a friends house, and thought it would work a lot better for us than shoving our blankets in a basket like we had been. I also like how it balances out our living room a bit more. Justin took these plans, and altered them a bit to fit our space.

Project No. 2: Reclaimed wood sign for over our headboard

While we still lived in Tennessee, Justin had the opportunity to tear down an old white oak barn... and was allowed to keep the wood. Naturally we dragged all that beautiful wood to Louisiana. We ended up using a random piece to make this sign. The words are from a Louis Armstrong song that we danced to at our wedding rehearsal dinner. Super meaningful since our first kiss was the next day.

Project No. 3: A NEW TABLE

Our family has gotten bigger, and our old table was quickly becoming too small for us. I had found about three tables that I really liked, so my sweet husband created his own plans for a table that included the things I liked from all three. This table is so perfect. Even down to the fact that he can unscrew the top, and build a bigger top anytime! It cleans easier, is bigger, and fit our home perfectly.

So blessed to have a man that is creative, and handy.