Wednesday, December 5, 2018

EShakti FX

Several years ago I posted about a company called EShakti. They sent me product (a dress), I reviewed it, and I quickly fell in love.

To date I think I have ordered about 10-12 dresses or skirts from them. They were a new company offering bespoke dresses... in other words, a company that would take your personal measurements and MAKE A DRESS THAT ACTUALLY FITS YOU. It was a new and beautiful concept.

Now they have come back to me asking for another review. Not a dress this time, but their website. They have added a new "FX" feature which allows you to see in real time what the alterations on a dress will look like!

I love this concept because I learned after my third or fourth dress that I could add sleeves, or lower the hemline to make it more modest. Now I can see exactly what I'm getting. How high will I need the neckline to meet my standards? Before it was a bit of a guess. Now I can SEE what I'm choosing for my dress.

For example, I am in love with this dress. The flowy skirt will hide my "mom hips," and the elbow length sleeves are perfect. Plus, who doesn't need a cute black dress?

My issue is, as beautiful as the neckline is, it won't cover my top half near I changed it to have a "high v neck."

And the hemline would be much more modest in windy Illinois if it was a bit longer. Plus, easier to play with little man-cubs if I don't have to worry about too much leg showing when I'm on the floor.
If you are interested in trying out EShakti's new FX feature, click here! Just be sure to click on products that include the FX label. Happy creating.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Samuel Glenn Biddle

The fourth Biddle boy joined the tribe last week.

Samuel Glenn Biddle was born May 16th, 2018 at 2:57pm. He measured 19 inches and 8lbs, 4oz.

The rest of the man cubs were thrilled about meeting Sam.

Jonah, the old pro, knew exactly what to do, and when to do it.

Levi was over the moon to finally hold “his baby.”

Benjamin immediately upon meeting his little brother said “I don’t like IT.” But a few minutes later, he was all about holding “his baby Sam.”

Very blessed to be a mom to these four crazy boys.